About Us

  • Black&White offers an all-inclusive, first-class experience to its readers and catering all interests. Featuring trendy, exclusive and insightful topics tackling all lifestyle aspects.

  • Covering popular touristic sites, spotlighting hidden gems and new discoveries in Egypt, vibrant entertainment scenes, the latest trends, restaurants, hotspots, business and technological revelations.

  • Black & White delivers content to a diverse audience of different ages, backgrounds and lifestyles, attempting to keep every reader engaged by providing relatable content.


    To be the leading Lifestyle Magazine in the MENA Region.


    Committed to continuously deliver relatable, insightful, and impactful content; inspiring one reader-at-a-time.


  • Accountability.

  • Trustworthiness.

  • Objectivity.

  • Fairness.

  • Reliability.

  • Relevance.

Key messages

  • Spreading positivity.

  • Offering entertainment.

  • Offering knowledge in trendy ways.

  • Offering trends.