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BFH: Covering all essential fashion services

Nada Tarek - Apr 2021

Cairo, Egypt – Farah Baky, Founder & CEO of BFH, founded Baky’s Fashion Hub (BFH) on January 2021. It's the First Fashion Consultancy Platform based in Cairo.

Baky’s vision is to build a new fashion concept in Egypt where all fashion lovers, local startups and creatives are encouraged by having a platform to aid them in executing their work, either through their marketing or educational fashion services.

The hub offers three main services: Fashion courses & workshops, Fashion marketing and Personal shopping & styling. Their platform creates an inclusive experience for fashion brands, stylists and entrepreneurs.

BFH’s main services encompasses a comprehensive framework that offers diversified fashion courses and workshops instructed by professionals and cover fashion calibers’ needs through monthly conducted surveys. These workshops include fashion design, styling, sketching, couture and shoes/bags/jewelry design classes.


Moreover, they offer fashion marketing service packages that accommodate local startups as well as luxury brands. All BFH clients are provided with solid marketing strategy that involve a marketing plan, social media and action plan aiming to reach each client’s goal.

BFH provides all fashion facilities needed for each brand’s exposure such as fashion photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hairdressers and art directors all the way to the photoshoot. 

The third BFH’s service is Personal shopping. It allows women and men to feel empowered through their wardrobe attire. Personal Style advisory will be provided by BFH while consulting its clients to the know-how of their shopping and events journeys.


Baky's business wavers between Egypt and Dubai which makes her widely exposed to a variety of renowned brands including Versace, Rolex, Bulgari, Salvatore Feragamo, Armani, Azadea, Scarpa, El Mawardy Jewelry and many others.

The founder of BFH is Farah Baky. She graduated from the German University in Cairo majoring in Marketing and HR. Shortly after, she got certified from the Dubai Fashion Institute and London Style School to begin her journey in Fashion and pursue her passion.


Along with Farah, her sister Farida Baky is a co-founder whose been her constant support and aids her in leading BFH's marketing and PR services.

BFH’s mission is to shed light on the work of fashion enthusiasts and promote the Egyptian fashion culture both locally and internationally. They aim to widen their scope of work by becoming the main Egyptian Fashion Hub Institution in the Middle East.

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