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KART: “Every piece is a masterpiece on its own.”

Nada Tarek - May 2021

Not every talent is used right. 

But KART was the right choice for Karen to take advantage of her superbe talent and passion. 


Karen Samer ElMasry, Art Entrepreneur, is the founder of KART, an instagram account that customizes for the clients special pieces that suit their need and taste. 


“Every piece is a masterpiece on its own, with its own energy, vibes and the client's request,” ElMasry told Black & White Magazine. 


ElMasry discovered her passion  in her school years when she used to do bookmarks and notebooks for her classmates. Today, after 4 years of officially launching the account, she is proudly working with the number of KART clan and loyal clients who come back for more than 1 piece. It has been over 1000+ pieces since.




She does from scratch customized gifts, wall decorations, desk decor, customized mirrors, art tableaux and items for everyday use like notebooks and folders.



She also creates sets for brides like wedding glasses, Wedding banners, candles and many more creative and beautiful pieces based on the clients’ choice in addition to some seasonal collection.



“Some pieces are customized so I have to find the concept and the color palette that match the client’s needs. Other pieces are a fruit of creativity and inspiration such as the seasonal collections,” said ElMasry.



ElMasry loves to choose everything she uses starting from the art material to the shape and final look of the piece. She is the one who buys everything to create the special piece for her special clients. 

"I even collect the seashells myself for the summer collection I do," said ElMasry



However, this is not the challenge that may face ElMasry; she mentioned that the hardest part is coming up with an original idea because the field is getting wider and many ideas and creators are born everyday so staying up to date is essential. “Authenticity is becoming a challenge.”



Meeting new people, whether clients or other artists, is one of the favorite process parts for ElMasry. 

“You always see a new side of life through their requests and the enthusiasm they show towards Art, Which i get to experience, making art out of a blank page and watching what was just an idea or a feeling in their mind come to life. This is all the fun of it.,” added ElMasry.


The people around ElMasry have a big role in her project. The beginning was a hybrid of many things, it was not easy for her nor crucially hard.


“When I first started it was my close circle of family and friends, and it kept expanding from youth to adults, to people who have seen or heard about my work,” said ElMasry



She started with simple bookmarks when she was at preparatory, 14 years old. Her friends and family were her 1st clients at that time.


She also mentioned that she felt at that time that she was doing something that she loves and is passionate about and this is shown in KART artistic pieces.




But the role of people surrounding her was not only being her clients, her major support was her family. As the talent already ran in the family. Her father is an artist as well, working with all kinds of materials. So she was able to catch up and discover her genetic talent.


“I received incredible support from my family and my friends. My father with the guidance and my mother and my grandmother were my main engine,” said ElMasry.



The talented young girl is planning to have a trusted place for those who seek original, expressive pieces of art, not just digitally, and maybe open her own Atelier and Art Exhibition someday. 

“But for the short term, my main focus would be on having different art lines, with the same optimum quality,” she said.



ElMasry advises artists who want to begin their projects to start with passion.

“Art fits everyone, so understand what you are offering and to whom you are offering.” 


She also mentioned that “Persistence is Key” because It’s going to take time to arrive at the dream and it’s going to require a lot of work. But never give up.


“And remember, there is always a palette for every taste.”

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