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Is the Future ‘Electric Cars Made in Egypt’?

Nada Tarek - May 2021

After 12 years of closure, AlNasr Automotives is back to manufacturing its own Egyptian line of electric cars in the second half of 2021 under the supervision of a Chinese company specialized in electric cars.


Will the Future be ‘Electric Cars Made in Egypt?


One year ago, Minister of Public Enterprise Hisham Tawfik mentioned in a phone call with one of the Egyptian TV programs that the Egyptian company is going to produce 25,000 local electric cars annually starting 2021, and that the car will cost EGP 300,000.






In 2021, in Ahmed Moussa’s Show and Amr Adib’s show, Tawfik confirmed the news and said that they restarted their efforts in producing the model of the car which was already chosen and reviewed by the chinese experts in September 2019.


He also mentioned that there will be mainly two available models to purchase: a cheaper model that will be targeting the taxi drivers mainly because it’s maintenance is easier than the normal gas car and an expensive model which will target people who want to switch to electric cars.


He added that they are supporting the go green ideas and that the car will be a suitable model for a change. 



The car’s template is originally Chinese and can be driven for 400 kilometers per charge. The charge saves LE 8,000 per 10,000 kilometers.

However, it will be manufactured by El-Nasr Automotives with their logo which has a great history in cars manufacturing; over 40 years it produced 384,000 cars.



Egypt already has 75 Electric charging stations and plans to increase them to 3,000 in the next year.

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