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Show Appreciation to Your Employees with These 6 Tips!

Mariam Youssef - Mar 2022

Whether it’s a large corporate or small business, employees are constantly working hard, finishing tasks, dealing with complaints, satisfying clients, and meeting deadlines. At the end of every day, they go home, feeling exhausted due to workload. The least you can do as an employer is to appreciate your workers and show them how much you admire them for their efforts. That said, we’ll show you some simple ways to show appreciation to your employees to make them feel valued.

Check in with Them

One of the most sensitive issues between employers and employees is that the latter always feel smaller and secondary. If you’re a smart employer, you should work on breaking this gap. You can start by checking in with your employees every morning. It won’t take you a few minutes to salute your workers and ask how they’re doing. Not only will they feel that you care about them, but they won’t feel as little or inferior too.

Give Balanced Feedback

While it is important to correct your workers, should they fail to achieve something or break one of the rules, it is mandatory to provide positive feedback as well. Employees thrive on compliments and praise. They’re likely to work better, harder, and smarter once given positive feedback.

Talk about Growth Opportunities

Your employees would want to know that there is a growth opportunity for them in your company; otherwise, they wouldn’t want to stay. Address the opportunities that are waiting for them and tell them what to do to take them. Always recognize their work and mention that their efforts can propel their promotion.

Show Flexibility

Being a flexible manager who appreciates their workers is a huge thing that can truly make a difference. Allowing your staff to work from home or letting someone come in late the day after working overtime is a fundamental signal of appreciation and trust.

Food Is Always a Good Idea

No matter how different and diverse your staff is, they surely have a soft spot for food. Spring for a tasty treat for the whole office once or twice a month. Food brings everyone together and strengthens relationships. Undoubtedly, it will make your employees feel very appreciated.

Know Their Birthdays

You don’t necessarily have to befriend your employees; however, you can get social and chatty with them to get more personal rather than formal or, worse, bossy. Follow them on social media and let them follow you too. Throw a surprise party for each one on their birthday to let them know how much you care for them.


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