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10 Breathtaking looks for Sherihan!

Nada Tarek - May 2021

She is a beauty icon. She is a classy woman. She is Sherihan.


Sherihan is finally back in Vodafone Ramadan 2021 and with the same energy she always had in her Fawazeer. 

Our parents always used to talk about how amazing Fawazeer Sherihan are and how strong and beautiful this woman is! 


Maybe our generation didn’t have the chance to watch it but we definitely can imagine how wonderful this was. 


Fawazeer Sherihan were Egyptian television episodes broadcasted during the holy month of Ramadan. 

It involved riddles in addition to musical and dance performances, with awards given out to the winners. 

The Fawazeer started in the 1960s and lasted until 2000.


Here are 10 breathtaking looks for Sherihan in her Fawazeer












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