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Egypt’s Pride and Joy, Mohamed Salah, Gets His Wax Statue at Madame Tussauds

Mariam Youssef - Oct 2021

On Thursday, October 21st, The Madame Tussauds Museum in London unveiled a new wax statue for the Egyptian football superstar, Mohamed Salah, who described the waxwork “as a blessing.” The statue is the first of its kind for an Arab player in the famous British Museum.

The statue of Mohamed Salah is wearing a white suit that the superstar wore on the cover of GQ Middle East Magazine and pointing his fingers to the sky, in reference to the usual celebration of the Egyptian star when he scores goals.


It is worth noting that the famous Madame Tussauds Museum in London announced in January last year that it was preparing a wax statue of Mohamed Salah, the first of its kind for an Arab player.

The people who were in charge of executing this statue took hundreds of measurements and pictures of the 29-year-old player to make the statue an exact resemblance to its owner.

When Salah saw the statue in the museum, he said that it felt as if he was looking at himself in the mirror. He also added that it is a blessing to be recognized and immortalized. He also asked humorously if the statue has six packs.


The official account of the International Football Association “FIFA” had previously announced on Twitter that the museum had made a wax statue of Salah and confirmed that the museum’s management had made 250 different measurements to ensure the quality of the statue. The cost of the wax statue is estimated to be 150,000 sterling pounds.


Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, described his team's striker as "the best player in the world" in the meantime. Tim Waters, general manager of Madame Tussauds Museum in London said that Mohamed Salah is one of the greatest football players in history and perhaps the best player in the world today, so he completely deserves this statue. He also added that many people were expecting to see Salah’s statue wearing the Liverpool shirt, but the museum wanted to focus on his position as a global star rather than a recognized Liverpool player.


By scoring two goals against Atletico Madrid, in the Champions League, Salah became the first Liverpool player to score in 9 consecutive matches in all competitions.

Salah ignited English football when he joined Liverpool in 2017 as he broke the record for goals scored in a season of 38 games, achieving 32 goals in the 2017-2018 season. That’s one of the reasons why he’s so popular and adored by people. He was crowned as the best African player in the world twice in a row in 2017 and 2018. He helped his team to win the Champions League for the sixth time in its history and the English Premier League for the first time.



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