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The Reveal of Newton’s Game

Nada Tarek - Apr 2021

The Newton’s Game’s trailer and a part of the first episode were broadcasted in an organized press conference of the series on Thursday, April 8 at Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo.
Black & White covered the press conference.


Mona Zaki, Sayed Ragab, Mohamed Mamdouh, Mohamed ElSaadi and some of the series makers attended the event and revealed the story details of The Newton’s Game Ramadan 2021 Series at the press conference which was hosted by the TV Presenter Jasmine Taha.


They mentioned that the series’ story revolves around an Egyptian married couple. The wife Hana (Mona Zaki) is pregnant and wants to give birth to her baby in America. Both the husband (Mohamed Mamdouh) and the wife try to get there, but they face many difficulties and problems which will be shown in the series.

“Hana’s character is not similar to mine at all, maybe she looks like me when I was younger, but there are many differences between the two characters,” said Zaki.


Zaki mentioned that Hana’s character is weaker than hers which made her face many difficulties while acting this role


Mohamed Mamdouh, the husband, couldn’t attend the whole press conference as he had work to be done. 


In addition, Mohamed Farrag, one the heroes of the series, couldn’t attend the conference and sent a message saying: “I apologize for not being in the conference on the Newton game series, and I am happy with this experience, as it is one of the most important experiences I have had in my life. We lived difficult and good days, but the scenes of the series were like a trip, and I met at work with stars whom I respect with all my heart."


At the end of the conference, Zaki mentioned that she wishes to do a pharaonic series to act the role of Maet, God of Wisdom, but Gohar said that this type of series usually takes a lot of time because it’s a historic story.

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