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Every Woman Must Own These 9 Staple Pieces in Her Wardrobe!

Mariam Youssef - Oct 2021

Whether you’re into buying lots of clothes or you’re a minimalist, some items must be in your closet that fit every occasion. With these simple 9 must-haves, you can create plenty of outfits, so let’s have a closer look at them.

1- Plain White T-Shirt

A basic well-fitting white t-shirt is an essential piece in your wardrobe that can be worn on its own or layered with other pieces. The best thing about it is that you can wear it year-round. Make sure you buy a flattering t-shirt, not too tight or too baggy and choose a collar that suits your body type. When it comes to styling this piece, the possibilities are endless!

Plain White t-shirt

2- Flattering Pair of Jeans

Remember that you can wear your pair of jeans for years, so try to find one that suits your body shape, flatters your physique, and feels comfortable. Opt for a timeless pair of jeans that is perfect for dressing up or down. From skinny and straight to flared and wide, choose the one that you like.

flattering pair of jeans

3- Denim Jacket

A classic medium wash is a versatile option that suits almost all outfits. A denim jacket is a piece that can be worn all seasons and is a great layering option. You can layer it on top of a white t-shirt, cocktail dress, or knit top according to the season.

denim jacket

4- Blazer

You don’t need to work in an office to wear a blazer. This is a wardrobe basic that works in all seasons. Wearing a blazer instantly levels up your outfit, making it more sophisticated. You can also wear it with jeans, skirts, and even dresses. It also goes perfectly with sneakers, pumps, and heels.


5- Little Black Dress

If you think that you don’t need a black dress, check out these ways to help you style it. You can wear it alone with heels on a date or party or put a blouse on top of it for more professional events. If you want to dress down, you can style it with more casual shoes like sneakers or sandals. For a more daring look, pair it with leather or suede boots. You can also achieve a preppy look by wearing a shirt or turtleneck underneath. Your black dress doesn’t have to be little or short; you’re free to choose your preferred length.

Black little dress

6- Dress Shirt

It’s a buttoned shirt with a collar that has long sleeves with cuffs. The length of this shirt is usually thigh length. You can tuck in your skirt and go to work or pair it with jeans to create a casual look. For more formal attire, tuck the shirt in a pencil skirt and layer a blazer on top.

dress shirt

7- Knee-Length Skirt

If you’re not keen on wearing skirts, you should at least have a knee-length skirt in your wardrobe. It can fit for casual, formal, and work outfits; you just need to figure out how to style it. For a casual outfit, you can pair it with a t-shirt and sneakers. You can also pair it with a dress shirt, blazer, and pumps to create a terrific work ensemble. For formal occasions, style it with a chic blouse and heels.

Knee-Length Skirt

8- White Sneakers

You can never go wrong with white sneakers since you can wear them with everything in your wardrobe! They go perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans, that little black dress of yours, and office outfits as well. Try to choose subtle all-white sneakers so they don’t clash with any outfit.

white sneakers

9- Pumps

Classic black pumps will always compliment your outfits. They’re the best option to wear at work, girls’ night out, or a weekend date night. They instantly elevate your outfit, making it chicer and more elegant.



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