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Top bites to eat in Alexandria

Farah Ahmed - Nov 2021

It appears like Alexandria is being overshadowed in Egypt, although the city still offers some of the nicest views of the Mediterranean Sea. These are some places where you may eat while admiring the beauty of the waterfront and the city skyline.

Foul and Falafel:

One of the most remarkable things you can do in Egypt is eating to the Egyptian breakfast; it will blow your mind! The falafel is formed into round balls, and the Foul Fava bean dip comes with tahini and a light tomato cilantro salsa! When you sit down, the waiter serves you a table full of delectable side dishes into which you can dip your baladi bread!



Must Order: Alexandrian Foul, Felafel, Fried cheese, signature scrambled eggs

Address: Qesm Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt



Egyptian sea food:

If you're going along the coast or staying in Alexandria, the north shore city, you'll have easy access to fresh fish and seafood straight from the Mediterranean, potentially some of the tastiest seafood you've ever had. Popular foods include fish and seafood. Nile perch, snapper, sea bass, squid, or shrimp are typically sold by the kilo and then grilled or fried right there.


Fish Market Resturants

Must Order:  It's prepared many different ways, Try to eat one of each different style; baked, grilled, sauteed

Address: El-Gaish road , Al Mazar, Qesm Al Gomrok, Alexandria Governorate



Egyptian Liver Sandwiches

Despite the fact that this is just one dish, it comes with a lot more! While you didn't care for the liver sandwiches, the variety of side dishes and pure range of flavors alone are worth visiting! Humous, tahini, baba ganoush and vegetable dishes are available as they are in most Egyptian eateries.


Kebdet El-Falah Restaurant

Must Order: Liver sandwiches, brain sandwich stuffed intestine with fragrant rice.

Address:  9 Qaisar, Al Mesallah Sharq, Al Attarin, Alexandria Governorate



Delicious Alexandrian Fondue

I never expected to find a famous fondue meal in Egypt, but it is a must-try in Alexandria! Their secret 7-cheese blend is quite aromatic, and you may order it with a wide range of various meats and seafood. You may scoop up your wonderful Egyptian fondue with your Vino bread sticks, a very soft nearly baguette-like bread that you can break and shape into a long spoon.


Alban Swesra
Must Order: "Lahma bel basal" refers to beef with onions, whereas "fwakeh el bahr" refers to shrimp and crab sticks,You can also say "seafood" in English and it will be understood

Address: Al Ibrahimeyah Bahri, Sidi Gaber, Qesm Bab Sharqi


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