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8 Types of Tea from All over the World!

Mariam Youssef - Feb 2022

Many of us believe that tea is one of the most important drinks in Egypt and some Arab countries only. However, in many countries, tea is considered one of the main beverages. Each country has its own way of making its tea, adding special flavors or certain ingredients that make its drink distinctive and unique. That said, let’s get into different types of tea from all over the world.

Matcha (Japanese Tea)

In Japan, there is a type of green tea called matcha, which is grown in highly fertile soil to obtain green tea of high quality. Matcha green tea is an ancient traditional beverage in Japan that people have been sipping for years and years.

 English Tea

English tea has its own rituals and is consumed at specific times of the day. English people use regular black tea and add milk to it to get a distinctive golden color. They usually have it at 4 or 5 pm along with some biscuits.

Turkish Tea

While Turkish coffee is one of the most famous hot beverages in the world, tea is a traditional drink in Turkey as well. Turkish people are keen to have tea with and in between meals. They also prefer regular tea without adding milk, but the most important characteristic of Turkish tea is that it is prepared in Two kettles. The first contains a large amount of water, while the second is placed over it until the water boils over the steam.

Moroccan Tea

Green tea is one of the main drinks in Morocco and East Asian countries, where Moroccans use green tea leaves and boil them well, then add some fresh green mint leaves to get a cup of tea with a special taste.

American Tea

Iced, sweetened tea is one of the basic beverages in South America that can be mixed with lemon or fruit smoothies. Soda can be added as well to create a distinctive American tea.

Chinese Tea

Chinese people are fond of tea in their own way. They add some special Chinese herbs to the tea that have exceptional flavors. They also add a group of herbs of different colors, each with its own flavor that distinguishes the Chinese cup of tea from any other around the world.

Karak Tea

This tea is very well known in India and some Middle Eastern countries. It is made with water and milk along with cardamom and cloves to give it this amazing taste.

Egyptian Tea

Egyptians are known for their admiration for tea. We tend to drink black tea with an addition of mint leaves or some milk, but never both at the same time.


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