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When Kids Are Back to School, It’s Time for Some Lunch Box Ideas!

Mariam Youssef - Jan 2022

With the kids going back to school, many mothers run out of ideas when it comes to preparing meals for them. Instead of buying processed food or ready-to-eat meals, here are some tips that will help you prepare lunchbox meals for your child.

If you want to offer healthy meals to your kids, try to replace regular sandwiches with veggie pizza. To make the sandwiches more appealing, use cookie cutter shapes to cut toast and vegetables. Moreover, pasta with red sauce is an all-time favorite for children. You can also add a piece or two of chicken panne or a grilled burger.

Spare your child from buying chips bags that are often filled with preservatives by replacing them with popcorn. In addition to being rich in minerals and vitamins needed for the body, nuts are delicious and appealing to the little ones, so make sure you add lots of them.

For dessert, try to stay away from sugary products. Instead, place pancakes that are sweetened with honey. Kids also tend to love muffins, so you can add bananas, carrots, or different fruits to it to increase the benefits. Fruit salad is very important for your child's stamina. From time to time you can also add a chocolate bar.

Lunch Box Weekly Ideas

First Day

Add pieces of white cheese, cucumber slices, and carrots along with two pieces of toast and a boiled egg. This meal contains a high amount of nutrients and vitamins that promote the health of your child’s body and protect them from diseases.

Second Day

Prepare sauteed vegetables with grilled panne slices and a small bottle of fresh, homemade juice. This meal contains all the nutrients that provide the child with energy and vitality to help them focus better in school.

Third Day

Mini pizza with vegetables, cheddar cheese, and apple slices are some great options for a meal. This is considered a complete and nutritious meal for your child.

Fourth Day

Make use of yesterday’s lunch leftovers. For example, add pasta with chicken pieces to your kid’s lunch box and prepare a nutritious fruit salad, which is usually preferred by children. It also contains a high amount of nutrients that are essential for their body.

Fifth Day

Add cheddar slices along with a boiled egg, toast, apple slices, and grapes. It is mandatory to include fruits in your child’s lunch box to benefit from all the vitamins and nutrients they contain.

Furthermore, don’t forget to provide your kid with a bottle of water every day before school. It is important to ensure that they stay hydrated all the time.


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