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Want to feel Ramadan? Start by decorating your home!

Nada Tarek - Apr 2021

A Shiny Hilal, a beautiful Fanoos, a decorated home and a happy family preparing for it.

This is the spirit that Ramadan brings every year when it’s the time.


Everyone around the world celebrates this special occasion of the year in their own way, but, in Egypt, Ramadan sparkes differently than any other spot in the world. The streets are lightened up and all dazzled to welcome the holy month, IT IS A MUST!


You can’t find a home missing a Fanoos (Ramadan lantern) on its dinner table or a hanged Hilal (moon) and stars decoration of Ramadan. Even the new Fananis Characters can be present to complement the whole vibe.


That’s why we decided to offer you some easy ideas to create your vibes and decorate your home. Even in hard times when Corona is not allowing you to go out to buy the ready-made decoration, you can still make your own with our DIY list.




At the beginning of the Holy month we all put plans for every day of the 30 days. Creating your own calendar with simple colored papers would encourage you to achieve the everyday goal.

You can make it in the form of fawanees Ramadan.



If you don’t have colored papers, that's fine, you can still do your Ramadan calendar with white paper and pencil.

You just need to master the moon-phases drawings.



If you have children and want to make them start their fasting journey, incentives will always a good idea. You can create this special calendar and put in each pocket something they love, like sweets, accessories for girls, or anything that would support them.



You can also buy this wooden maquette of a mosque and painting colors. This would be a good entertainment and decoration piece at the same time.




By now, you should have mastered the moon-phases drawing, and you can do it on gold papers and hang it on your wall as a classy and simple decoration.



If you have an empty jar, you can fill it with some mosque-shaped cookies that you can eat later on Iftar.



It can be as simple as using white papers, pens, and pea lights to create a bright wall decoration.



Finally, you can do the fanoos with colored papers and a pair of scissors that will help you do these cute and simple shapes.


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