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Now Is the Perfect Time to Get Your Home Ready for Winter with These Decoration Ideas!

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

When it's cold and rainy outside, it's the perfect time to make your home warmer and cozier. The beauty of winter decor lies in choosing the appropriate fabric and colors that reflect the season’s presence. Here are some simple winter home decorating ideas to add a touch of warmth, comfort, and modernity to every corner of your home.

Invest in A Heater

If you want to buy a heater to make your home warmer this winter, don't choose a normal, plain-looking one. Instead, try to choose a stylish and attractive appliance that will add an elegant winter touch to your home interior. If you have the budget and space, install a wood-burning fireplace, even if it's just for decorative purposes, and decorate the top with a variety of candles and picture frames.

It’s Carpets Time

Many of us prefer to remove the carpets in the summertime as a way of making our houses cooler. However, winter is the right time to furnish your home with rugs and carpets. It is a great opportunity to add a wintry vibe to your space by adding some fluffy rugs that allow you to walk across your house barefoot. You can also try some wool or feathery rugs for extra warmth.

Bring Nature into Your Home

If you’re looking for an extra winter touch, why not combine a few natural items that can be put on your dining or coffee table? Although the best choice for winter is pinecones, there are more nature-inspired options that can be more suitable for you. Moreover, putting some wood or sawdust in a glass decorative dish will immediately reflect winter vibes, especially when you add a few drops of any essential oil, such as sandalwood, that releases a pleasant aroma across your home. Additionally, adding a bunch of red apples with wooden cinnamon sticks seems like a great idea for the kitchen table.

Add Fur Accessories

Although fur is not as important as it was in the Ice Age, it's still one of the winter’s essential decorating materials. The keyword here is quality; cheap fur looks tacky, so it's best to stick to small, high-quality pieces. Add fur to your living room’s cushions and the bedroom’s small pillows.

Layer Fabric and Colors

Layering is one of the essential winter decorating tips, not just in outfits! You can add different layers of fabric and accessories all over your house. Put some pillows of various colors and patterns on your bed and sofa. Add some fluffy bedspreads and covers as well to bring more warmth. You can also layer your mattress table, especially on the dining table, for an elegant winter touch. Putting a cover on the chairs gives a feeling of coziness as the covered chairs make the dining room feel warmer. The key to achieving your desired results is by using winter fabrics and hues, such as navy blue, dark emerald, charcoal, true red, black, and white.

Wood and Copper Accents

When choosing a decorative piece for your home, whether it's a piece of furniture or a home accessory, choose brass over chrome and natural wood over artificial wood. These two materials bring a feeling of winter warmth to your home. Adding a touch of white and green, whether in fabrics or the form of plants, makes these wooden and brass decorative pieces look even better.


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