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Awesome Decoration Ideas for Your Christmas Tree!

Mariam Youssef - Dec 2021

It's time to jazz up the old way of decorating your Christmas tree that you keep doing each year. Although red and green ball ornaments are timeless, there are plenty of other ornaments and decoration ideas that you can do for a pleasant change. This year, your Christmas tree is going to look fun and different. Whether it's simple, rustic, glamorous, over-the-top, or completely natural-looking, one of these Christmas tree decoration ideas will appeal to you.


Nothing beats the timeless beauty of a trimmed tree that is topped with a bell, star, or an angel statuette and filled with red and green balls and classic ornaments. If you decide to go with this option, you might as well go for the classic large size that truly sends Christmas-y vibes. Last but not least, don’t forget the string lights to really feel the Christmas spirit.


Add a pop of colorful to your tree this year by incorporating a beautiful rainbow. To achieve this extraordinary look, you’ll have to think beyond red and green. Follow the rainbow colors and apply them to your tree using all of the 7 shades (start with red and pink at the bottom and end with yellow and gold ornaments at the top).

Dried Oranges

This year, use dried oranges or any citrus fruit of your choice with purple roses or lavender and other natural elements to create an elegant, plastic-free tree. The orange-purple-green palette will look astonishing and will add a touch of uniqueness to this year’s tree. This option is also great if you’re environment-conscious.

Let It Snow

Given the fact that it doesn’t snow here in Egypt, it would be a nice idea to let your Christmas tree look like all the pine trees out there in the world. Bring the snow right into your home by adding white ornaments, balls, and cotton to your tree. Additionally, if you’re into DIY projects, try to add some artificial powder to look like snow.

Floral and Gold

If you want your tree to have lots of sparkle and shimmer, fill its branches with golden accents, such as ornaments and ribbons. Finally, add some pink fresh flowers. If you don’t have fresh flowers, you can go with plastic. Don’t forget to hang a “Merry Christmas” banner on the tree to accentuate the vibes.


Regardless of the ornaments’ color you choose, this simple decorating idea will pay off. If you like to stick to Christmas-y shades, you can choose all hues of red to create an ombre look. The same applies to any color of your choice, be it yellow, green, or blue.


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