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With These Excellent Tips, You Can Prepare Your Wardrobe for Winter Clothes!

Mariam Youssef - Dec 2021

With the winter season approaching, everyone is getting ready to organize their wardrobes. Although the way of arranging and organizing clothes may differ from one person to another, according to the size of their wardrobe, the number of their clothes, and their lifestyle, there are common and necessary steps that need to be done to clean the shelves and arrange the clothes in an orderly manner. That said, we will show you some simple steps to organize your wardrobe before the chilly season is here.

Get Rid of Your Old Clothes

First, have a closer look at your summer clothes before taking them out of your wardrobe. Get rid of the pieces that you don’t use anymore or haven’t worn this year. The pieces that cannot be wearable can be recycled or repurposed. They can be kitchen aprons, new pillow covers, or even decorative pieces with a few adjustments. As for the clothes that are in good condition but you no longer need them, you can send them to charity after cleaning and ironing them.

Kiss Your Summer Outfits Goodbye

It is time to say goodbye to your breezy summer apparel and welcome the cozy, warm winter clothes. When taking your summer garments out of the closet, make sure you fold them properly so that they don’t take up much space in the storage unit inside your wardrobe. Don’t place your cotton t-shirts in the storage since you may need to wear them under your pullover or jacket. Additionally, you may want to put a bar of soap inside your storage cabinet to keep your summer clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Clean the Shelves

The process of arranging your wardrobe takes place only twice a year, so it is a great opportunity to clean, ventilate, and perfume it. Expose the inside of your wardrobe to the sun for half an hour to get rid of bacteria and bad odor. Clean the closet from the inside using a damp towel and disinfectant. Don't forget to wash the placemats, let them dry while you clean your closets, then put them back in.

Get Your Winter Garments out

Before stacking your winter clothes in your wardrobe, make sure they are in good condition. If you tend to wrap your clothes when storing them, try to unwrap them and let them breathe for a while. Wipe the leather jackets with a moistened sponge then put them on the hanger. Make sure your clothes are dust-free before placing them in the closet.

It’s Pullovers and Coats Time!

After cleaning your wardrobe, ensuring that your winter clothes are dust-free and suitable for wearing, it is time to stack and arrange your clothes in your closet. The following steps can be helpful, so let’s check them out:

How to Arrange Your Clothes:

You can divide your clothes into three sections: garments that you love and wear repeatedly, clothes you sometimes wear, and clothes you rarely wear, such as special occasion dresses. This way your closet will be more organized and you can have easy access to your outfits.

If you have too many pieces of clothing, it is better to divide your closet into sections, with 3 hanging rods instead of one, in which the longest is set to hanging dresses, robes, and coats, the second is for hanging blouses and short pieces, and the third is for skirts and pants. You can also arrange your items by color if you wish to turn your wardrobe into a beautiful color palette.

It is preferable to put your outfits on hangers so that they don’t wrinkle. Arrange your clothes in each unit according to how frequently you use them, making the most used ones closer and the least used further. Put socks, scarves, and underwear in a separate drawer so they can be visible and easier to find.


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