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6 Tips on How to Keep Your Furniture as Good as New!

Mariam Youssef - Jan 2022

Many of us are keen to preserve our home’s furniture to extend its lifespan and avoid changing it sooner. Every member of the family should play a role in keeping the house clean, especially furniture, so we offer you a distinguished article on how to keep your upholstery in good condition. The following points and ideas will show you how to preserve your home’s furniture and extend its lifespan.

Move Furniture with Care

Whether you’re about to deep-clean the house or rearrange the furniture placement, you need to move the sofas and chairs away to sweep and mop underneath. You should never push or drag them though as this can damage your furniture and floors collectively. Ask someone for help to lift the sofa with you and place it in the desired place.

Keep It Clean

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home is a no brainer. However, it is mandatory to clean your furniture regularly to avoid stains, bad odor, and prevent the colors from fading. Make sure to wipe the dust and vacuum frequently as accumulated dust can make your furniture look old. Furthermore, learn more about the fabric of your sofas and chairs and clean it accordingly. Every fabric has its own way of cleaning, so make sure you follow it to avoid damaging your belongings.

Use the Right Cleaners

Some of us may prefer to just buy an all-purpose cleaner to sterilize, wipe, dust, and mop the floors. While it may be money-saving, it is not recommended! Every type of furniture requires a specific cleaner and special cloth to keep it preserved as long as possible. For example, wooden surfaces need a wood polish and a microfiber cloth, while leather furniture requires rubbing alcohol, damp cloths, and coconut or baby oil to keep it shiny.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

While sunlight needs to enter the rooms to get rid of germs and bacteria, it can be a threat to your furniture. Keeping your goodies away from direct sunlight can save them and make them last longer as furniture is vulnerable to sunlight. However, if moving it is impossible, you can either cover it with sheets or install window blinds to reduce the amount of direct sunlight.

Set Strict Rules

One of the privileges of being a housewife is that you get to set the house rules. Keep your furniture preserved by setting strict rules that prevent children from jumping on beds and sofas, eating on the couch, or drawing with markers on the tables. Without strict rules, your house can be a mess and your furniture, in particular, can collapse or break down.

Utilize Coasters

Nowadays, sellers are getting very creative about coaster ideas, shapes, and colors. Even though they are beautiful decorative pieces, coasters’ main purpose is to protect your surfaces from water stains. So, buy some for your living room, dining table, and any other place where you or your guests can have beverages. Water stains don’t only ruin the aesthetics of your furniture, but can also cause damage in the long run.


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