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7 Tips to Make Your Bedroom as Fancy as a Hotel Room

Mariam Youssef - Feb 2022

What is it about hotels that makes us feel so comfortable, relaxed, and mesmerized every single time? Something in the hotel room’s bed, bathroom, and overall décor make the experience very unique and extravagant. Do you know that you can turn your own bedroom into a fancy hotel experience with a few additions? That said, let’s get into some awesome tips on how to make your bedroom fancier just like a five-star hotel room.

Start with the Bed

The main focal point of your new mini-hotel is the uniquely-designed bed, where you’re going to curl up after a busy day. If you already own a nice bed, this should work. One of the main reasons why we love the vibe of a hotel room is its freshness and modernity. That’s why your bed needs to have a unique, modern design that speaks up whenever you enter your bedroom.

Layer It up

Now that your bed is all set, let’s get into making it. For starters, choose a suitable mattress. According to how you like to sleep, you’re free to choose a plush, medium, or firm mattress. Next, you’ll need to dress up your mattress and pillows. Layering is one of the secrets behind the extravagance of hotel rooms. Select fluffy pillows and subtle pillowcases that match the color of your room.

Focus on the Aroma

Go the extra mile by spritzing your sheets with diluted essential oil or your favorite fragrance that you can’t get enough of. Our personal preferences are lavender and woody scents. You can also experiment with new fragrance combinations until you find an aroma that captivates you.

Go with the Right Lighting

Part of any luxe attraction is the lighting. Hotels often pick massive drum or empire-fashioned lamps with cloth shades. However, you don’t have to stick to a certain design. Make sure to place one lamp on bedside tables and a brighter, possibly a greater elegant lamp on the ceiling.

Choose Complementary Furniture

Bed and lights are not all what makes a room super luxurious. A five-star hotel invests in probably the finest tables, chairs, desks, televisions, and storage areas. For bedside tables, you need to get clean, easy ones with lots of storage and a spacious area for table lamps, notebooks, plants, and your phone. Your wardrobe needs to look elegant and neat as well. You can also complete your bedroom with a fine chair or sofa if the space permits the addition.

Finish off with the Right Décor

For some nice finishing touches, place wall art, planters, flower vases, or other decorative items of your choice. While hotel rooms use carpets, you can replace them with a plush, shaggy rug to make your bedroom feel homier and cozier.

Add the 5-Star Experience

While the hotel vibe in your bedroom can be achieved with luxurious furniture and classy décor, it is mandatory to support your addition with pampering, relaxation, and cleanliness. To apply the unique 5-star experience, start with a soft set of bathrobes or a breakfast tray, where you can eat in bed. If you’re a romantic, sprinkle red rose petals over and around the bed to set the honeymoon mood for you and your partner.


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