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A Chair That Can Be Controlled Via Eye Movement Is the Invention of the Brilliant Students of Faculty of Engineering!

Mariam Youssef - Oct 2021

A group of students at the Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, has designed a chair that can be controlled by eye movement as a means of assistance to people with disabilities who cannot move any part of their bodies other than their eyes. The project was executed under the patronage of Dr Maged Negm, Acting University Chief, and Dr Mohamed El-Desouky, Acting Dean of Helwan Faculty of Engineering.

Dr Maged Negm has confirmed that Helwan University has many innovative and creative students. He also added that Egypt possesses a huge wealth of distinguished innovative youth who contribute with their creativity to building the future and renaissance of Egypt to achieve sustainable development. Students’ innovative graduation projects assure that Egypt has a promising future due to its brilliant young students. He pointed out that the university is keen on discovering successful and distinguished scientific talents to provide them with all aspects of care and support.

The whole idea of ​​the project is that the movement of the chair is carried out through a camera installed on the patient’s head and a front lens so that it can determine the direction of the eye to give a sort of signal to the motors to move in the direction the patient is looking at. Besides adding Ultrasonic to the chair, it can be managed via a mobile application to control the chair remotely.

Dr Mohamed El-Desouky has expressed his happiness with the students and project, stressing that the college has distinguished and innovative young talents who seek to serve the national economy and national projects. Helwan Faculty of Engineering also seeks to prepare qualified graduates in various engineering disciplines and provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to serve their country and fulfill their professional needs.

The brilliant members of this team are Ahmed Magdy Mahmoud, Asma Ehab Abul-Naga, Esraa Hisham Salah, Ahmed Gamal Farid, and Mohamed Ahmed Ismail. The project was supervised by Dr Iman Farouk. The students expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the design of this project, demanding it to be transferred to the manufacturing stage to compete in global markets.


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