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6 Ways to Help You Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goal

Mariam Youssef - Jan 2022

Motivation pushes us forward to make things happen. Unfortunately, staying motivated all the time is not always an easy thing to do. These tips are going to help you to find motivation and suggestions on what to do if things go wrong.

Set Clear Goals

When you put your mind to something, you decide to behave in a manner that helps you acquire what you want. Setting clear goals gives you a great opportunity to stay focused on what you want. Try to set a possible, achievable, and measurable goal that has an endpoint. Doing this will allow you to stay motivated.

Make Your Goal Public

While many people may disagree with this point, it actually proves useful and effective. Sharing your goal with others will keep you motivated because it will feel like you’ve indirectly made a promise that you have to keep. If you don’t want to jinx your goal by sharing it with other people - who may in fact disappoint or discourage you – jot it down on your personal journal or a sticky note and stick it somewhere that’s accessible to you on a daily basis.

Document Your Progress

It can be really motivating when you can see evidence or proof of the progress you’re making. Give yourself credit for your progress even if it is a small one. For example, you can create an illustration on a piece of paper representing your project or goal. Whenever you accomplish anything, write it down or mark your progress by writing down the accomplished percentage. When you see that 20% of your project is done, you’ll be motivated to achieve the remaining 80%.

Take It Step by Step

When you divide your goal into smaller goals, easier tasks are created for you to handle. When you achieve these small goals, you can then work your way up to tackling bigger challenges. Moreover, breaking up a task in your mind into more achievable sections helps with building your confidence and keeping you motivated.

Reward Yourself

After breaking up your task into small sections, make sure you reward yourself after completing a certain task. It is important to give credit to yourself by a significant reward, be it food, clothes, vacation, good night’s sleep, or anything you’ve been fantasizing about.

Allow Others to Help You

No matter what your project is; whether you’re building your own small business, learning a new language, or taking up a new hobby, you need to allow the people around you to show support. You can join a class or find someone you can share your experience with. The encouragement of your loved ones will keep you going and can be a big boost to your motivation, especially when you’re doing it tough.


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