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Exciting Adult Birthday Party Themes for Your Next Celebration!

Mariam Youssef - Jan 2022

First of, happiest of birthdays!

Because birthdays are such special occassions, we want you to celebrate it differently this year. That's why, we've gathered some awesome birthday party themes for you to inspire your next celebration. That said, read on to know more about these themed parties and what you need to do them.


Take a time-travel ride to the 1950s and put on a polka-dot, fit and flare dress. This is your chance to live in one of the most exciting eras ever, even just for a few hours. Ensure that all your guests wear vintage dresses and include 1950s-inspired decorations. You can borrow your grandmother’s gramophone or any other retro pieces that can contribute to the general atmosphere.

Carnival-Themed Party

Host the national circus at your home and have the utmost fun on your birthday. You can start by adding a red-white striped tablecloth or curtains to add carnival vibes. You can also use plenty of large stuffed animals to appear like it’s an authentic show. Make sure you add a clown or two or you can actually wear a clown costume for a more exciting vibe.

Paris Glam

If you’re into pink and fashionable Paris glam, you will love this theme. Add pink, white, and black balloons and invest in chic tableaus and Tour Eiffel statuette to really feel that Parisian ambience. Don’t hesitate to unleash your inner fashionista and wear the classiest ensemble to match your birthday theme.

Mermaid Under the Sea

For a perfect under the sea themed party, you need to establish a sea-inspired color scheme. Blue, violet, baby blue, turquoise, and lilac shades will emphasize the theme. You can also put on a mermaid costume for a fun vibe. You can also get creative with the cake design and colors to match your mesmerizing theme.

Arabian Nights

If princess Jasmine’s style inspires you, this theme will really work for you. It will be more fun to ask your guests to choose their preferred Arabian costume. Make sure to use bold colors like purple, orange, fuchsia, turquoise, and golden in all of your decorations.

Bollywood Theme

Start with a “Namaste” sign on your door so that your guests will live the moment right away. Wear a Sari or Lehenga and put Mehendi on your hands and legs to dazzle all of your guests with your Bollywood appearance. You can also hang some Bollywood stars or movies posters to emphasize the theme.


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