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7 Board and Card Games for a Perfect Family Night

Mariam Youssef - Jan 2022

What better way to spend a cozy night with your family than challenging your mind and unleashing your inner contestant to beat all your family members? Find out the top 7 board and card games that will create the perfect family night.


Cluedo is a murder mystery game for three to six players. The aim of the game is to determine who the murderer is, where the crime took place, and which weapon was used.


Pictionary is a simple game that only requires a pen, paper, the board, and a bit of imagination. The game provides the game board, a timer, two dice, and cards with words on them. The objective of Pictionary is to guess the words from a list of cards by drawing them.


Monopoly is a real-estate board game for two to eight players. Your goal is to remain financially dominant while forcing the other players into bankruptcy by buying and improving pieces of property. When a player declares bankruptcy, they get eliminated from the game. The last player remaining on the board is the winner.


Scrabble is a crossword game where every letter counts. Take turns with your friends forming words on the board. Make sure you count the value of the letters in every new word you form. You can also get bonus points for placing letters on premium squares.


Having a Burrito thrown at you is what you get when you collect 3 cards of dodgeball. You need to collect matching sets of cards faster than the other players while simultaneously dodging, ducking, and throwing squishy burritos at your opponents. The more cards you collect, the more points you get, but getting hit by a flying burrito makes you lose some of them.


Taboo is a word-guessing game that requires attentiveness. The objective of this game is for a player to get their partners to guess the word on his/her card without using the word itself or five other listed words on the card.


Risk is a strategy board game of conquest, diplomacy, and conflict for two to six players. You and the other players take turns, controlling armies of playing pieces with which you endeavor to capture territories from other players; the results are determined by dice rolls.


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