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Egyptian Stars React to Coronavirus Outbreak and Spread Further Awareness

Rana Ragab - Mar 2020

While everyone speaks about the pandemic trend of our time, celebrities are also taking advantage to share their thoughts while everyone pays attention to social media. Some of them have chosen to joke about it, others decided to pass on advice and the rest said comforting words we needed to hear. 


As celebrity figures, they are likely to get the most attention out there as people consider them to be role models, they are the ones who mostly engage with the media and we suppose they try to protect themselves as best as possible. Given that right now we are all attached to our phones, many admired Egyptian celebrities have communicated some sort of message to their fans regarding the coronavirus outbreak. 



Truly a diva, Youssra shares an inspiring video on social media stating that what we are going through is a test and we must face it together. She agrees that it is important to take all the precautions but also keep our faith strong in order to pass the test. She expresses hope by saying that we shouldn’t be so fearful and rather work hand in hand with our community to reach a resolution. 


Ghada Abdelrazek 

Ghada Abdelrazek first shares a post with a friend wearing a protective mask, commenting corona with laughing emojis. Perhaps she means to influence others to wear masks too while taking the situation very lightly. She also posts a video with Fifi Abdo where they’re joking around on the plane, while wearing masks. 


Fifi Adbou 

The same video was shared by Fifi Abdou, where she and her friend Ghada Abdelrazek were seen laughing about the same joke about Corona and the masks they had on the plane. It’s not surprising as we all know Fifi Abdou is a cheerful character who enjoys a good laugh, regardless of the severity of the coronavirus. We can assume she intends to spread positivity to reduce the anxiety. 


Tamer Hosny

The star of many generations shares a powerful message on his Instagram account. The video involves a group of matchsticks being lightened while one steps out of the circle. The intended message here is saving others by protecting yourself, we need to take individual precautions to prevent coronavirus from spreading. The message is short but very meaningful, this common video was shared by a number of other people. 


Ola Roshdy

Known to be an active social media user, Ola previously posted a funny video talking about the idea of kids staying at home for two consecutive weeks and the struggle it is for her to do the teaching as a mother. Later on, Ola posted a selfie wearing a mask, with a caption saying if you still decide to leave your house then don’t forget to carry a sanitiser, wear a mask and some gloves. Actually you know what, just don’t leave your house...but still wash your hands. Ola is naturally a funny person and this is also reflected in her advice about coronavirus precautions. 


Ramadan Sobhy

The football star contributed to the #stayathomechallenge which is currently trending amongst the top players. The challenge involves a toilet roll used to record the best score and help with the lockdown boredom. In the video that Ramadan shared, we see that he sanitised his hands before undertaking the challenge which is a way of influencing people to keep clean even while staying at home.

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