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Enough Is Enough: Effective Ways to Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment in Public

Mariam Youssef - Nov 2021

There has been a massive increase in sexual harassment incidents in Egypt; something that has made women of all ages hopping mad. Every girl who has experienced physical or verbal harassment knows the emotional and psychological trauma that results from it. It is not a matter of women’s apparel anymore (even though that should never be a reason to justify harassment). The situation has become exceedingly bad and we need to put an end to it. That said, here are some tips that can keep you safe, should someone think about irking you.

Your Backpack Can Save the Day

Your back is the most vulnerable part of your body, especially in public places since it is your blind side. The best thing to do to protect it is to wear a backpack that can cover and secure your behind. This barrier will keep you safe from venomous hands. Harassers are more interested in unhindered areas, where they can pretend that their touch is unintentional. Once the harasser finds out that it is going to take him an extra effort to reach or grab your buttocks, they’ll just back off because they prefer easy targets!

Choose a Strategic Position

Crowded public places, such as administrative offices, and means of transportation like buses and subways are perfect spots for harassers to choose their prey. Be smart and don’t give a chance to any sick-minded pervert to approach you. Try to stand with your back against the wall or any surface, such as doors or tables. For example, if you’re in a crowded elevator, your back should be against any of the three walls.

Cross Your Arms

Keep your chest area protected by crossing your arms, especially when you’re next to huddled masses. Concerts, parties, and bus stations witness several harassment incidents, so try to be extra careful if you happen to be in one of these locations. Moreover, if you’re standing in line with a stranger at your back, try to keep your hands crossed from behind for extra protection.

Wear Headphones

Harassers are psychopaths who enjoy humiliating and hurting girls’ feelings. Don’t give them the chance to do that by putting on your headphones to block your ears from hearing nasty words. Your headphones will not only disappoint your harasser, but will also save you the trouble of listening to what a bunch of uncivilized pigs can say!

Expose Them!

It pleases harassers to make their victims uncomfortable and upset. In a similar situation, don’t shrink away. Instead, expose them! Grab your mobile phone and take pictures and videos. Once the harasser finds that you’re not intimidated by them and realize that it is a great chance that they will be exposed on social media, they flee! Photos and videos can condemn them and be used as evidence against them, should you take this further to court. That’s why they will stop bothering you. However, in case your harasser is a shameless smug, he can probably attack you. Therefore, you should be armed with pepper spray to weaken and immobilize the predator.


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