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In Case You Missed Them, Here's Your Guide to the Must-Watch Egyptian Series in 2021

Mariam Youssef - Jan 2022

With the unimaginable number of Egyptian series, it has become tricky to settle on something worthy of watching. That’s why we’re here! We have prepared a list of some of the top, must-watch Egyptian series in 2021.

Except Me 2 (Ella Ana 2)

This series has caught people’s attention as it discusses women’s issues and reviews the challenges in society from women’s perspectives. In its second season, the series continues to tackle women’s issues and discusses more sensitive and daring topics. For example, “Helm Hayaty,” starring Mayan ElSayed and Menna Arafa, reviews the story of a young woman with autism spectrum disorder who loves acting and how she is harassed by her malevolent colleague.

Why Not 2 (Leih La’ 2)

Leih La’ discusses one of the most sensitive and controversial issues in Egypt, which is orphans’ sponsorship or “Kafalah.” Kafalah in Egypt is still a topic that needs a lot of effort and attention to introduce and review its aspects so that the Egyptians can accept and understand it well. The problem isn’t finding the right families that want to raise a child. The real problem remains in the society that cannot accept that child.

60 Minutes (60 Daqueequa)

Starring Yasmine Raies and Mahmoud Nasr, this series revolves around a mentally disturbed psychiatrist who manipulates his patients and his wife until she kills him and faces the death sentence. The series presented some daring ideas, which makes it one of the best series in 2021. Although it was short, it received the admiration of millions of fans.

Flat Number 6 (Sha’a Setta)

The series revolves around Engy, a journalist who lives in a new apartment who keeps being surprised by strange events that occur there, trying to figure out the reason behind them. The series can be listed under the horror category that is rarely seen in Egyptian series. That’s why it received a noticeable public reaction.

 A Family Matter (Mawdoo’ Aaely)

This is the last series in 2021 that was binge-watched by millions who have extremely enjoyed and loved it. Starring Maged Al-Kedwany, Rana Raeis, Taha Desouky, Samaa Ibrahim, Muhammad Radwan, and Muhammad Shaheen, the series tells the story of a man who discovers that he has a grown-up daughter who doesn’t know anything about him. According to the fans, the series is very good, intimate, and suitable for all family members with a moderate dose of comedy. Maged Al-Kedwany's performance was extremely suitable for the role, where there was clear chemistry between him and Samaa Ibrahim, who won the hearts of the audience as always.

Take Care of Zizi (Khalli Balak Menn Zizi)

After several unsuccessful attempts to conceive, Zainab (Amina Khalil) and her husband, Hisham (Ali Qassem), hit a wall and soon the couple is obligated to get a divorce. Zainab becomes in danger of losing everything besides motherhood. The series is a social comedy that relies on complex characters whose interests clash to the point of conflict.

Women of Maadi’s House (Setat Beit Al-Maadi)

Copied from the international comedy series “Why Women Kill,” this twelve-episode series is about three married women who inhabit the same house in different and spaced timelines. They have one common denominator, which is having to make similar fateful decisions in order to overcome the challenges and troubles they face in their marital lives. The story is centered on husbands’ betrayal in different eras, shedding light on the lives of housewives living in the sixties, eighties, and our current time as they share similar circumstances in their relationships with their husbands.

The Visit (Al Zeyara)

The series can be categorized as horror suspense that revolves around real events that took place in Lebanon in the early eighties of the last century. During the Lebanese war, “Ansaf” visits a house to remove the curse of the “Haddad” family. Dina El-Sherbiny depicts a young Egyptian character who loses her family under mysterious circumstances and travels to Beirut to achieve a certain dream. She also keeps secrets and mysterious powers through which she tries to help people.


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