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6 Things Singles Can Do to Survive Valentine’s Day

Mariam Youssef - Feb 2022

Valentine's Day celebrates St. Valentine in Rome and St. Valentine in Terni, both of which were martyred in the 3rd century. Over the years, this holiday has turned into a sticky, amorous, and over-commercial celebration. The overall purpose of the holiday is to spread goodwill and love, but on February 14, it can be a bit annoying for singles. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re here to share with the “single ladies” how they can turn this day into an awesome celebration, so keep reading.

Show Love to Your Friends and Family

While the majority of Valentine's Day ads gravitate towards romantic feelings, there's surely a place to share the love with your friends and family, and even yourself. You can start by giving cards and gifts to your friends or work colleagues and make sure none of them feels left out, even if they’re not single. The fact that you're not dating doesn't mean that you can't give and receive love.

Satisfy Your Cravings

Probably it’s not a good idea to drown yourself in sweets and fats every time you lament not having a significant other. However, on this special occasion, it would be fun and rewarding to feed your single soul whatever you’re craving. Even though it’s cliché, you can dig into some finger-licking good ice cream or treat yourself to takeout from a fancy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

Give Dating a Chance

Don't allow yourself to be desperate. With many other singles searching for love on Valentine's Day, this may be a perfect time to connect with new people. Allow your friends to set you up with their single relative and go on a blind date. You can also try online dating or dating apps. This can turn into something beautiful; however, if it doesn’t, you will have a good story to tell your friends later.

Be Goofy with Your Single Friends

Sometimes, dwelling on your bitterness can be fun and entertaining. Take this chance to have fun with your single friends by watching romantic movies and making fun of how cheesy they are. You can also throw a party and invite all of your single friends over and have an amazing time together.

Distract Yourself

Consider the 14th of February just another day on the calendar that doesn’t mean anything to you. Luckily, Valentine’s Day this year will be on a Monday, so you’ll probably be working all day and won’t even notice the date. However, if you happen to reminisce about your old relationships, distract yourself by watching horror or action movies. If you watch people get punched in the face or run away from zombies, Cupid will never cross your mind.

Practice Self-Love

While being single can be tough, especially when everyone around you is dressed in red and carrying a flower bouquet or a heart-shaped box of chocolates, you can still show love to the most important one in your life: YOU! Buy yourself a beautiful gift, be it clothing, jewelry, or anything you would love to have. Furthermore, this can be an amazing chance to pamper yourself by taking a long soak in a bubble bath or indulging in some beauty treatments to make your skin feel brand new.


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